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Professional ​

A strategic and top-performing ​SENIOR ​INFORMATION ​TECHNOLOGY ​EXECUTIVE with demonstrated success in technology transformation and innovation, emerging technology, machine learning, agile methodology, enterprise architecture, project management, change management, and business process improvement. Develops a technology vision and mission to enable strategic business outcomes. Creates alignment for new initiatives with C-level executives. Excels in building high-performing software and machine learning engineering teams for new initiatives. Proven aptitude for consistently achieving budgets, deadlines, and project objectives while minimizing costs and risk.

  • Building High Performing Teams

  • Digital Transformation

  • Technology Modernization

  • Technology Innovation

  • Applied Machine Learning

  • Change Leadership


CAPITAL ONE​, Richmond, Virginia
Managing Vice President, Messaging and Emerging Technology, ​2010-2020

Vice President, Messaging and Emerging Technology
Sr. Director, Consumer Identity and Messaging Technology

Led conversational AI, consumer messaging, and emerging technology engineering teams, including technology behind Eno (company’s natural language SMS chatbot). Set technology strategy and organizational design for intelligent assistants with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Established strategic direction for digital commerce and Capital One Labs within emerging technology.

  • Led consumer identity and messaging technology platforms for company (approximately 30 sprint teams with annual budget of $60,000,000).

  • Directed consumer single sign-on effort, consolidating multiple WAM technologies into single solution, providing customers with ability to use one login for multiple products and sites.

  • Managed strategy and execution for next-generation technology solutions for consumer identity, including move to open-source solutions and highly scalable solution.

  • Set strategy and execution for company’s application framework, enabling divisions to develop their own applications with common standards and infrastructure.

  • Established vision and direction for Richmond chapter of Capital One’s Women in Technology network.

  • Became Accountable Executive for Capital One’s Women in Technology network; created the strategy for career

    progression from entry level to emerging executive.

  • Led Capital One’s technical case council, a core recruiting assessment in interviews; tripled number of cases and

    calibrated casers.

  •  Restructured several $10,000,000 digital projects with successful delivery.

  • Designed overall digital/Internet labor strategy that partnered with recruiting, procurement, and finance to

    expand geographically and insource teams, resulting in hiring 100 resources across division in one year.

  • Led business management office for broader digital IT organization (400-person organization with $60,000,000

    annual budget).

  • CodeVA Chair

  • Virginia Commonwealth University Computer Science Industrial Advisory Board Member

  • Virginia STEM Education Commission

  • Head of Capital One Women in Technology


LEHIGH UNIVERSITY​, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Ph.D., Industrial Engineering ​
M.S., Industrial Engineering

B.S., Operations Research and Industrial Engineering

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